St. Thomas who alighted in Craganur( Today's' Kodungalloor) in AD 62, started a church amongst the jews. Kodungalloor belonged to the Malabar region. On his second visit, he converted 75 Namboodiri families to Christianity. Thus started the 7 and a half churches of Malankara which is now known as the Malankara Syrian Church. One of the families that were converted was the Shankarapuri Namboodiripad family.

4 of the families were settled in Kuravilangad. In the 16th century, they resettled to Chengannur. They were agriculturists and adapt in martial arts as well. 2 of the brothers from the family later resettled to Edayaranmula. The Eldest one settled at Anicaud and the younger one settelled in Parayil. In AD 1750, the Parayil family came to Mallapuzhacheri and settled at Kurammanil.

The Parayil family later moved on to settle at the Kozhencheri old market area at Plamoottil. Plamoottil basically means the land where the Jackfruit trees reign. They were traders in spices and hills produce.

Permal Ittiyavire of the Plamootil family had 6 sons. They were Ittiyavire 2 Pallathara, Mathai Choorakaatumannil, Thomas Kolangikombil, Koshy Ponganaal, Varkey Poovathur Kayyalakathaaya Kurattiyil and Perumal Plamootil.

Thomachan, one amongst the six sons of Ittivarya who had settled in Plamootil resettled to Kannamoottil Padinjarethil South Street, near the old market in Kozhenchery. Henceforth started the Kolangikombil family.

Kolangikombil Family