Kozhenchery, a small town in the Pathanamthitta district (South Travancore Region) of Kerala is rich in its cultural heritage and is flanked by the River Pampa on the North, Thekkemala on the South, Cherukole on the East and the Maramon on the South. Consisting of a majority of Christians and Hindus and a small population of Muslims, Kozhenchery houses the St. Thomas church and the Aranmula temple, a perfect blend of religious harmony. The legends relating to "The Aranmula Kannadi" or "The Aranmula mirror" belongs to this town. This small town is also well known for its Snake boat races that draw people from all over the world. This little town also boasts on regards of being the hometown of many of Kerala's influential people and the host of "The Maramon Convention" and the "Cherukolpuzha Hindu Parishad".

The political and the cultural heritage along with the legends that rule this town truly makes Kozhenchery an interesting rich and enchanting place to be in.

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